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Resources for Parishes

The Peace in the Storm Project offers several resources for parishes and other Catholic organizations to accompany people living with chronic illness and pain. Small-Group Discussion Guides, webinars, retreats, online and in-person training and consultations to help parishes get started an nurture their Groups are only a few of the resources available, with more coming in 2024!  For more information, see the links, below, or contact The Peace in the Storm Project at

Small-Group Discussion Guides

At the heart of The Peace in the Storm Project, faith-sharing, theologically sound Discussion Groups offer people living with health challenges the opportunity to grow in faith, knowledge of scripture, and understanding in their spirituality.  Guides follow the themes in Peace in the Storm: Meditations on Chronic Pain and Illness and Beyond Pain: Job, Jesus, and Joy Revised Edition and the Church liturgical calendar.

Outdoor Study Group
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The Peace in the Storm Project offers an Introductory Webinar that gives context to the presence of chronic pain and illness in parish communities and explains how The Project can help parishes accompany their parishioners and others who have questions of faith in the midst of their suffering. These Webinars are live, providing the opportunity for Q&A and content specific to the diocese or other organization requesting them.

Online or In-Person Retreats and Training

Regular online meetings with leaders from The Peace in the Storm Project help build fellowship across the broadly diverse and growing number of Groups forming across the United States. Retreats tailored to specific Groups and training, either one-on-one or in small groups, is also available on an as-requested basis for a nominal fee.

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